Rocío CANO VALIÑO was born in Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina [1991]


Composer and Interior Designer. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in contemporary composition at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon [CNSMDL] with François ROUX, Martin MATALON and Michele TADINI. Rocío has studied electroacoustic composition with Stéphane BORREL at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional [CRR] de Lyon, France, where she obtained the Diplôme d'Études Musicales [DEM] with mention « Très bien à l'unanimité avec félicitations du jury ». In Argentina, she studied composition with Demian RUDEL REY.

In 2018, she has received a Fondo Nacional de las Artes [FNArtes] Creation Grant from Argentina. Also, Rocío has received a commission from the Festival Bahía[in]sonora [ARG], from France Musique - « Création mondiale » emission – GRM – premiere at Festival Présences 2020…

Her pieces have received the Destellos Foundation Prize 2019 [ARG], Prize TRINAC UNESCO 2019 [ARG], Banc d’Essai 2018 laureate GRM [FR], Exhibitronic Prize 2018 [FR], Teresa Rampazzi Prize 2018 from Associazione di Informatica Musicale Italiana [IT], Honorary Mention at 10e Concours Métamorphoses 2018 [BE], the 3rd Prize of TRIMARG 2017 [ARG] and the Public Award of the Luigi Russolo Award [FR-SP].

Her compositions have been selected and interpreted in diverse festivals around the world, such as: Festival Mixtur, CEMI Circles, Klingt gut!, Festival MA/IN, FILE, Phas.e, SIME, Festival Zéppelin, etc.

In 2018, she has followed a course « La musique des sons fixés : Techniques, Formes, Esthétiques » given by Michel CHION [Paris, France]; the course « Geste et Espace : Des sons dans l’air et Le son des choses » [Ardèche, France] given by Jean-François MINJARD, Jean-Marc DUCHENNE and Jean-Jacques GIRARDOT; the stage of interpretation in acousmonium with FUTURA team: Jonathan PRAGER, LAMARCHE, Tomonari HIGAKI and Nathanaëlle RABOISSON on the Motus acousmonium [Crest, France]; and the course of composition in analogic studio given by Annette VANDE GORNE [Ohain, Belgium].

During 2017, Rocío CANO VALIÑO had attended to several master classes developed at the Mixtur Festival [Barcelona] with Rodrigo SIGAL, Hèctor PARRA, Wolfgang HEINIGER and Barry GUY; at the Monaco Electroacoustic Biennale in the Rencontres Internationales de Musique Electroacoustique [Monaco] with Francis DHOMONT, Horacio VAGGIONE, Annette VANDE GORNE, Robert NORMANDEAU, Hans TUTSCHKU and Flo MENEZES; to the Journées d'informatique musicale [Paris] with Anne SÈDES and Myriam DESAINTE-CATHERIN; to the Primer Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica at CCK [Buenos Aires] with Mario Mary, Hans TUTSCHKU and Daniel Teruggi; and to the Festival l’Espace du Son 2017 [Brussels] with Beatriz FERREYRA, Robert NORMANDEAU and Panayiotis KOKORAS.

She has participated in the 1st International Congress on Science and Music Technology [Argentina, 2013], in the “Primer Encuentro de Música Contemporánea” at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes [Argentina, 2014], in the 2nd International Congress on Science and Music Technology [Argentina, 2015] and in the Colloquium about acousmatic music organized by the Destellos Foundation [Argentina, 2016].

In 2017, the label Resterecords published her first monographic album "Tâches". Some of her works are published by Musiques & Recherches, Monochrome Vision, Taukay Edizioni Musicali and Phas.e Platform labels.

Rocío is CEO in LINSEN Media Productions since 2013. 

© 2019 | Rocío Cano Valiño

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